Studio rates start at $25/an hour!



Layla with amps

Now Open

Sonicboost Studio is open for business now!

Budget friendly – with excellence!

With lots of great equipment and a space with a very comfortable yet professional vibe, Sonicboost Studio is a place to create music the way it should be created, while you are relaxed, not watching the clock.

Our experienced engineers bring care and excellence to the session with skills to help capture the best performance possible.

More than just a bedroom studio

Our space is not gaudy, but it is large enough to track a 5 piece band all at once.  This way we can make music, not a science experiment.  With a small isolated vocal booth, a separate guitar cabinet iso space, and a large control room with room enough to track drums and other instruments, we’ve got most bands covered.  If you are concerned about whether the space is large enough, please contact us to talk through the details of your project.

While this studio is in a home, it is definitely professional grade.  We have lots of instruments, amps, pedals, guitars, effects, huge plug-in library, synth sounds and other virtual instruments.  Because we are in a home, we keep the rates low and affordable.  You can expect a relaxed atmosphere where the Myers kids feel comfortable sitting in on a session with dad and where the smell of a good home cooked meal being prepared is common.  With life going on upstairs, please be prepared for the occasional interruption.


Pre-production time is FREE!  Contact us to schedule a meeting to discuss your project and visit the studio.

Meet our team

Our team consists of Eric Myers and Evan King.  A recording engineer is more than just an equipment babysitter.  We have people skills.  This is our most important and valuable skill.  Our job is to enable you to capture the best performance possible!

Sonicboost Team

Learn more about our engineers and staff.

Eric Myers

Eric is the owner of Sonicboost as well as the lead engineer at PureMix Studios in Raleigh.  Eric is an experienced live sound engineer as well as a top notch studio engineer and producer. With many albums to his credit, many artists have glowing testimonials of their great experience working with Eric to create their album.

Evan King

Evan King is a musical whiz.  He speaks music fluently and that translates to his work as an engineer with his ability to communicate an eloquent tracking, editing and mixing process.  While Evan doesn’t have a long list of projects he has worked on, we are very excited to have Evan on the team because he brings a lot of personality and widens our skillset by a mile.