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Stay tuned for more info about the gear we use at Sonicboost Studio as well as photos and lists.  This page is still under construction, so please be patient while we are updating.  More than just a bedroom DAW.  We have lots of amps, pedals, guitars, effects, huge plug-in library, synth sounds and other virtual instruments.

Here is a quick list to give you just a brief idea of what kind of gear we have:


Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier Solo Head

Laney TT100H

Fender “Evil Twin” combo from the 90s

VHT Fryette built Pitbull 45

Vintage 1965 Fender Bandmaster head and matching 2×12 cabinet

Framus Ruby Riot 2 tube combo amplifier

Orange 412 cab with V30 speakers



1991 Gibson Les Paul Classic + with Seymour Duncan Alnico II pickups

1990 Taylor 815-C jumbo florentine cutaway acoustic guitar with nitrocellulose lacquer finish!

Fender Ash Tele with Texas Special pickups

Hard Knocks custom Ash Stratocaster (built by Will Kelly)

Fender Jazz bass with EMG pickups

Music Vox Space Cadet 12 string bass guitar with BOOST switch

various 80s hair band guitars



88 weighted key MIDI controller (Kurzweill PC88)

1910 W. M. Knabe grand piano

Rhodes Seventy-Three electric piano

TONS of virtual instruments in the library



lots and lots of mics including (but not limited to):

Shure SM7B SM57s SM58s Sm81 Beta 52

Audix D6, D4, D2, D1, i5

Groove Tubes GT66 Tube Condenser



Dynaudio BM5

Adam A3x

Beyer Dynamic DT770 Pro

Sennheiser HD280

Sennheiser HD380


Recording equipment:

Harrison Audio Bus

Behringer x32 console with 32 ins/outs over firewire for Pro Tools

Pro Tools LE

Logic Pro Studio

Waves Gold Bundle and many other Waves individual plug-ins

Celemony Melodyne Editor


Outboard Gear/Effects pedals:

This is a growing list…  I’ll post more later, but we have some vintage Urei, Roland, DBX, MXR, Lexicon, etc..

Universal Audio LA-610

Drawmer gate/compressor

Focusrite 428 mic pres

Electro Harmonix Superego, POG2, Big Muff Wicker, Small Stone

Ibanez TS9, DDL10 II

Boss DF-2, OD-2R, OD-20 Drive Station

Prescription Electronics Experience

Goodrich Volume




Sonicboost studio uses Pro Tools and Logic for all tracking, editing, and mixing.



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