Studio rates start at $25/an hour!




Referral Program:

Refer a prospectve artist to Sonicboost Studio & we will reward you with a 10% referral bonus once they have paid their bill in full.  NO LIMITS!

So, for example, if an artist spends $2000 with us on their project, you’ll get a $200 referral bonus!!!Just ask the artist to let us know that you referred them to us!

Payments accepted here:

To pay your 50% deposit, simply select half the number of hours you are booking.  To pay you balance in full, select the balance of hours you owe for.  Thanks!



T-Shirts!  Great looking design on the front and the back says: “I support local music”

Order your Sonicboost Studio T-Shirt right here – just select the size you would like to order below:

Sonicboost T